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I first fell in love with graphic design when I was interning at BBDO as an account manager. One day, the Hewlett Packard team came to the account interns and asked us for a side favor to make a flyer for an after work party in the office. I stepped up and offered to do it (having had no graphic design experience) knowing I was creative but wanting to challenge myself. I spent all night at my apartment designing this flyer and teaching myself how to use illustrator. I ended up digitally painting the Account Directors face and creating a 70s vibe party flyer. Not thinking anything of it, I went into the common area after finishing up my work for the day and everyone in the office had printed the Account Directors face I painted and was wearing it as masks! Everyone found the humor I was trying to convey and thought it was awesome. What changed my life most was when the head Creative Director pulled aside my supervisor and told him that it was the best thing he’s seen in a while and to get me on the creative team. And here I am now!

The moment I fell in love with graphic design

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